Yes, it can, and herringbone patterns are currently trending, along with chevrons and diagonals. Herringbone patterns add a modern touch to any decor and is a gorgeous addition, especially to smaller areas like hallways and baths.  Herringbone patterns also have a cost-saving aspect because there's no waste; a herringbone layout uses the same sized plank throughout, as opposed to a chevron or diagonal, which uses different sized boards.

Think about color, another hot trend in laminate

The best laminate flooring has the most natural appearance, and whenever Mother Nature creates anything, there are always different colors and tones. High variation planks, where each board has varying shades, mimic the look of genuine wood. We can thank modern technology for this innovation!

Other currently popular shades include light colors, such as blond and honey, as well as whitewashed floors. It's not only much easier to coordinate around a light-colored floor, but they also make cleaning easier, hiding dust, scratches, scuffs, and animal fur better than dark ones.

The proper thickness affects appearance!

A more robust product is more authentic in both appearance and feeling, simulating a hard surface.  A more dense product also hides subfloor imperfections, is quieter, and has increased design options since it's easier to carve on a thick surface than a thin one. While laminate comes in a range of thicknesses, it's best to try to go for 10-mm or even 12-mm to get that hard surface aesthetic.

Yes, there is such a thing as waterproof laminate flooring

Now you can have the wood-look in higher-than-normal moisture places like the kitchen or bath with a newer, waterproof laminate version. Unique construction, such as the inclusion of the HDF (high-density fiberboard) core, makes this product spill-proof, eliminating concerns about absorbing, staining, and rippling. Please be sure to specify if you want this or the original water-resistant version and tell your flooring expert where you plan to install it.

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